Kanga: Too Much Fussing can be Smothering

Vijay Pokuri posted 2 months ago

Kanga never takes her eye off Baby Roo, except when he’s safely buttoned up in her pocket.

Kanga, the only female character in the Pooh books, is a devoted mother whose entire world revolves around her little son, Roo. While her devotion is certainly admirable on many levels, it’s also a bit disturbing at times. She has no personality or interest other than that of “mother" – no character development beyond feeding, watching, and fussing over her kid.

In addition to having no discernible identity of her own, she does her child an enormous disservice with her obsessive attentions; in being totally fixated on keeping her kid safe and tending to his every need, she suffocates him. She doesn’t allow him any degree of autonomy to discover the world around him, even if that means getting into a little bit of danger once in a while.

Yes, the world can be scary at times and we want to keep our loved ones safe, but life is meant to be lived in spite of possible dangers.


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